Month: July 2017

International Evaluation Conference

The video is now available from my guest role at the Polish Agency for Economic Development’s International Evaluation Conference.

I also wrote a summary of my position on the future of evaluation which can be found in an earlier blog post here: XII International Evaluation Conference 

Key parts are:

57:28 Erosion of Experts, Ethnography and Evaluation
59:54 Rethinking how we present data
1:00:00 This isn’t evaluator bashing – evaluators do a really good job!
1:00:01 We need a systems approach to evaluation
1:01:41 UKES’ Voluntary Peer Review scheme
1:02:52 Using Evaluation
1:04 The Evidence Base
1:14:40 Should we quit EB approaches
1:16:45-1:20 Being strategic in evaluation (whilst not quite fulfilling the question!)
1:38:36 Conclusion