Month: August 2015

Trust in the Evaluation Relationship

Recording data using an ethnographic research approach I observed fluctuations in the levels of trust being exhibited towards the evaluator and evaluation. Some of my early musings around this are found on Canva:

The Evaluator was at times welcomed warmly, and at other times regarded as a danger (‘you will say good things won’t you?’, Programme Manager).


7 Habits of Successful Early-Career Researchers – Career Videos

I am very interested in how we develop early-career researchers, and colleagues will have often heard my concerns for what happens after students have ‘their PhD wings’. offer many videos for developing researchers, one of which provides 7 habits of successful ECRs. There is nothing hugely ground-breaking – good networking, project management, publish or perish – but a gentle reminder can be useful.

Watch the video ‘7 Habits of Successful Early-Career Researchers’ via 7 Habits of Successful Early-Career Researchers – Career Videos –