Month: July 2015

Summary of the ‘Independent’ piece on the demands of doctoral research.

I was featured in an article in the Independent yesterday:

The article is about the demands of doctoral research. As ever, what was said to the press versus what was printed differs (and it’s Senior Lecturer!). For anyone considering a doctorate the points that I put to the journalist, but that may have been diluted in the piece, were:

– Doctoral study can be a lonely experience at times – studying something very unique.
– Committing to work on one project for over 3 years is a big task and having the confidence to commit and say, ‘yes, this is what I am studying’ can be hard.
– Doctoral students need to be able to take constructive feedback from their supervision team and work with it (at their discretion), some find this a challenge (this links with a really interesting discussion I had with the PL for the DBA at Cranfield about losing professional students who weren’t used to the feedback).
– PG research isn’t for the faint-hearted.
– PhDs might appeal to the more independent and curious individual.
– Taught doctorates (and UoD offer several) are a great way to get the support of tutors and peers and still undertake a doctoral study.
On saying all of this completing a PhD is hugely rewarding, and the personal and professional networking along the way is also very fulfilling. Happy to discuss further 🙂

Fees-only bursaries

The University of Derby are offering fees-only bursaries. If you are interested in a PhD in business and management then I am happy to discuss this with you.

For more information about these and how to apply please visit: